Frequently Asked Questions

All vehicle renters are required to pay for their rental using a credit card or a cheque card if they are not travelling on a company account. We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Diners Card, MasterCard and Visa. We can either charge your credit card when you arrive for collection, or at the time of making your reservation. Rental payments can be made with a debit cards only accepted in the branch. Payment is expected before the rental. If you extend the rental, the additional amount is payment.


Please note: The credit card holder must be the renter of the vehicle, and the same credit card used when making the reservation must be presented when collecting your vehicle.

The authorisation will be held in our favour for the duration of the rental (but not paid over to us). Should the rental be extended, or an incident take place, a further hold will be placed on your card to ensure all costs are covered by the authorisation held. Once the rental has been finalised, the actual rental amount will be charged to the credit card and the authorisation hold will be released.

A rental contract fee is applicable to all rentals. The fee is for the cost of administrating, storing, and retrieving all rental contracts.

Top Notch has an automated system that is linked to SANRAL that is bills us directly. The amount is billed/invoiced to you during your period of rental with an admin fee.

Kindly contact our office on 079 495 9477, who will assist you. This contact number is available 24/7.